Wear-Edge Groove Grinding machine


The Wear-Edge & Groove Grinding Machine DAN is outfitted with an air operated Grinding Motor to which can be attached either Grinding Stones or Milling Tips of various grades and shapes. The DAN is manufactured in three basic sizes each fully adjustable to fit any cylinder liner within its specified range, all shafts and rollers easily set to different heights, angles and bores.

  • Air driven
  • Adjustable to fit any cylinder liner size
  • Cutting Angle from 0 to 90 degrees

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DATA DAN 32/40 DAN 40/60 DAN 60/105
Bore Range: 320-400mm 400-600mm 600-1050mm
Air Pressure:
0.6-0.9 MPa
Air Consumption:
Rotation Speed:
16,000-30,000 min-1
Bore Diameter + 100mm
Weight: 15 kgs. 20 kgs. 30 kgs.