Valve Seat Grinding Machine


Suitable for grinding of Valve Seats of diesel and gas engines.

Angle setting from 0 to 60 degrees with 30 and 45 degrees grinding angle knock-pin.

  • Electric Driven
  • Self-centering in the Valve Guide
  • Automatic grinding
  • For medium/high speed engines


Valve Seat Inner Diameter Range: 60 - 300mm
Power Supply: 100 VAC
Rotation Motor with Gear: 45 W
Grinding Motor: 430 W
Grinding Motor Speed: 16,000 - 24,000min-1
Rotation Speed: 0 - 30min-1
Machine Size (H x L x W): 460mm x 372mm x 140mm
Machine Weight: 15kgs
Pilot Spindle Length: 180 - 1,200mm
Pilot Spindle Weight: 2 - 7kgs
Angle Accuracy: ±0.5'
Eccentricity with Correct Valve Guide: within 0.02mm