Exhaust Valve Spindle & Bottom Piece/Seat Grinding Machine


For a grinding of exhaust valve spindles and bottom pieces/valve seats for 2 stroke engines.

  • Certified by MBD
  • Air driven
  • Manual operation
  • Suitable for MBD, UE/UEC Engines
  • Suitable for grinding of duraSpindle™, Nimonic or Stelite Exhaust Vavle Spindles.
For Valve Stem Diameter: 50-110mm
For Valve Seat Diameter: 250-500mm
Air Pressure Required: 0.7-0.9MPa
Air Consumption: 1,800 Liter/min.
Grinding Motor Speed: 4,500min-1
Rotating Speed: 0-20min-1
Machine Size(W x D x H): W 1020-1145mm
D 780mm
H 1345-1690mm
Machine Weight: 230-255kgs.
Machine Rest Weight: 25kgs.
Machine Rest Size(W x D x H): 800 x 800 x 600mm