Exhaust Valve Spindle & Bottom Piece/Seat Grinding Machine


Certified to achieve the perfect grinding result, even with the severe vibrations of active engines.

  • Automatically operated Grinding and Cutting Feeds, program-controlled with inputs onto the Touch Panel.
  • Satisfactory grinding results on any material Valve Seats and Valve Spindles, including duraSpindles.
  • Approved by MAN Diesel & Turbo for all their 2-stroke engines.
  • For Valve Stem diameters 30 to 108 mm.
  • For Bottom Piece outer diameters 202 to 660 mm.
  • Precise grinding.
  • Electrically operated.
Electric Power Source: 100V-230V AC 1ph, 50/60 Hz
Grinding Motor: 1400W.
Grinding Motor Speed: 4,200min-1
Rotating Motor: 90W
Rotating Speed: 0-20min-1, Reversible direction