We look forward to extend our best services to all our customers, and wish all a prosperous 2017.

We have introduced our new Valve Seat Grinding Machine, type EMD.

We are the diesel engine maintenance experts located in Kurume, Japan. Providing a wide range of diesel engine maintenance products and services worldwide.

We have opened a Practice/Experience space at our Yokohama facility.

Interested parties will be invited, upon appointment, to try out the various Valve Spindle/Seat Grinding machines and Cylinder Liner Honing Machines first hand and know about their features and operation.

Please contact us at: 045-374-5600 and advise us which machine(s) you are interested in and we will, if applicable, quote the relevant fee(s) which will be incured.


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Alpha Valve Seat Grinding Equipment

  • Automatic Valve seat Grinding with PLC
  • For 4 stroke engines' valve seat grinding
  • For environmental protection of operators, turn table and grinding machine area can be enclosed with a see-through casing and metal particles can be extracted with a dust collector.
type: Alpha



Cylinder Liner Honing & Deglazing Machine

  • Programmable controls for up-down movement and rotation
  • Easy operation on Touch Panel
  • Perfect honing pattern acheived
  • For workshop use or In-situ use



SEG-ME Exhaust Valve Grinding Machine


  • Automatically operated Grinding and Cutting Feeds, program-controlled with inputs onto the Touch Panel.
  • Satisfactory grinding results on any material Valve Seats and Valve Spindles, including duraSpindles
  • Approved by MAN Diesel & Turbo for all their 2-stroke engines.
  • For Valve Stem diameters 30 to 108 mm.
  • For Bottom Piece outer diameters 202 to 660 mm.
  • Precise grinding.
  • Electrically operated.